it was the best of times. it was the blurst of times.

tanuki time tonite!   again.  i can't wait.  last time i went i had both a thrilling time and a sad realization.  numero uno was  bacon kimchi chigae!   hello.  it was quite astounding and i had it with this salted plum sake and it made me go into kimchi/sake coma for a little while.  oh yes! numero dos was that our favorite sake pourer is leaving to work for her friends pizza company.  lamezo.  her replacement better be awesome. or hot.  i don't care.  hopefully both. 

in other news, why is this week practically killing me? god. the seconds are lasting hours. actually, years.

a while back i posted a thing about this guys mark weaver who i am totally in loooooove with.  he does this thing where he makes something awesome every day.  well, i check in on his site and he's still doing the awesome thing.  horay! here are some juicy tidbits from his behance.  jkjk!  i never posted something about mark weaver.  i meant to.  previously i posted about brock davis.  my bad. whatevs.

I found other neat things on the internets yesterday, but now i'm too lazy to post.  plus, i have tanuki on the brain and that pretty much is debilitating, ya heard?

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