once more, with feeling.

goddammit.  i had funny things to say that i thought of when i was walking in the freezing cold last nite.  now i can't remember shit.  so typical.  in one ear and out the other or whatever. that don't even make sense.  gooooooooo.

SO!  what's new, guys?  anything fun and/or exciting this weekend?  i'm in the mood for my blue blanket and a bottle of wine.  i got this blanket at good will over the summer and it totally rules the world.  i even saw fatty making a biscuit on it the other day. what a rascal!  can you blame him?  i know i can't. 

so today i'm totally obsessed with two things.

number one:  school is ova today.  officially.  yesterday was unofficial cuz i forgot about the test i have to take.  good thing i didn't study.  yay me!

number two is this collage thing done by studio lindfors.  so fun!  they did collages of various cities completely submerged by sea water.  i think it's rather romantic, no?  puppies playing in the water.  fishing.  swimming. boating.  the regular ol' hum drum of hanging out in a flooded city.  doesn't make much sense, but who cares.  just cuz you know, when stuff gets flooded it gets mostly disgusting.  at any rate.  this is neat.

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