party season.

i honestly hate the holidays. everyone flipping their lids about buying presents and crap.  who cares? not me, that's who.  i am buying someone a present and that's me.  plus, the only fun thing about the holiday season is party season, i know you feel me on this. 

i am seriously full of excitement over rodarte's new line for target.  i have slept on the countless amounts of times they've brought in fabulous designers, like alexander mcqueen, and i refuse to do that this time around.  rodarte are amazing girls and i love them a lot.  the stuff they're cranking out is so nice and sweet that i want it all.  so, for this holiday season i plan to buy something nice for me. horay! 

their whole look book can be seen on ny mag. and it's going to be in stores december 20.  be still my heart.

 i want this outfit.  mustard yellow.  i likey.

ooh. actually, i want this one.  yes.

however, if you feel you absolutely must buy me a present i will not protest.  let me remind you that i still do not have my favorite wallet on toddland.  hamburger deliciousness!  this is a must have accessory for me for 2010.  i will not be able to live without one.  meat accessories need to happen.  they even have a happy hot dog coin purse!  why aren't they mine yet?  why!?

oh shit.  i'm an asshole.  it's muthafucking sold out.  again!  well, that'll give you time to contemplate whether you want to buy me the hot dog or the hamburger.  they're both equally as cute.  well,  i am quite partial to hamburgers.  i'm drawn to those little sesame seeds, ya know?

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