wine wednesday.

yay wednesday!  it's technically my thursday, which means tomorrow is my friday.  holla! many wines will be drank this weekend.  i can feel it in my bones. 

speaking of wine ... !!!  i need you to be jealous with me about these lovely carafes.  as if you don't feel fancy enough already when you're sipping wine ...

etienne meneau does it right with his strange carafes.  these two are my favorite because they look less like they will topple over when you're hammered off of wine. you feel me?  he must not drink. 

this little guy is 1000 euros. daaaamn.  for a wine glass?  i'd totally hit that if i had the dough.  i'm not even playin. 

this baby is 2500 euros.  i'm going to go out on a limb and say that that's a lot of cake for a carafe. believe me, i'd pay top dollar to hold a thing of beauty like that.  so amazing.  plus both carafes are very limited edition which makes them even more special. 

duck soup.

oh lucy. why was lucille ball born the greatest? this is one of my favorite skits done on i love lucy ever. featuring the very funny harpo marx.


bacon thirty.

that's right. it's totally bacon thirty right meow.  plus someone has been sending me enticing photos of bacon related incidents.  it's  been quenching my thirst thought cuz the last few times me and bacon have encountered one another ... i've denied him.  i know.  it's bad and it won't happen again.  

that being said ... today my favorite is david sykes. he has obviously been stalking me. the evidence being this bacon/meat bedroom. i think he's trying to lure me in or something.

he even knew i liked whiskey and miniature animals!  stalker.

actually on second thought, that may be juice.  whatever.

no can do.

today it is all about this jam and only about this jam.  you know why? cuz it's the greatest. 

god i am so lazy about blogging these days.


red light. green light

i was just eating peanut butter and jelly just meow and i was thinking about how much i also love peanut butter wolf and charizma almost just as much!  a perfect combination, wouldn't you say?  i'd say.


well, well, well ... what do we have here?  more rain.  despite my constant griping i think we can all come to the conclusion that it could be worse.  like it could be snowing. or actually cold.  i don't even know why i am talking about this. 

in other news!!  how about some fun things to look at instead of the sun?  you're in luck cuz the sun was here yesterday and then promptly left which means i'm doing a favor just for you.  i was hoping to do some internet collecting of things that were alike, but then i was distracted by the gargantuan hangover housed in my body.  i started out the week with a hangover, so i might as well end the week with one.  am i right or am i right?

margaux lange. she makes jewelery out of barbie body parts.  it sounds creepy but you know you'd hit it if you had 180 bucks lying around.  i know i would.  peep game on her portfolio page. she makes joolries out of barbie parts and soldered silver.  so amazing!

barbie is by far the strangest most curious toy for girls that i ever owned.  i remember my first barbie.  it was a peaches n' cream one, and i wanted it soooooooo bad.  i was really bummed when i left her dress outside overnight and then a snail slimed his way across her beautiful dress. oh wait, that was rainbow brite's dress.  same thing. 

i'm going to go to the vaults of youtube for something good.  this day is killing me.


today is tuesday. horay.

what's up lovers?  i am so not into it today.  last nite the wine was flowing like wine.  jesus.  maybe not a good idea for monday. perhaps, but it's not something i'm going to contemplate right meow.

nothing new around these parts, sadly. i am excited though about things i cannot buy but wantwantwant and that is important. it makes me feel quite productive when i am on the internets trolling for nothing at all whatsoever.  it's like panning for gold.  except i think that might be more fun than staring at a computer. 

saddles shoes are obviously back in style.  back in the olden days when i was a wee lass i would wear the shit out of some saddle shoes cuz moms is old and she thought they were classic. well how about that! one thing she was right about. vans came out with some sneaker style saddle shoes that are close to the hard sole kind as it gets, and it's probably a lot easier to ride bikes in also.  karmaloop has them for 55 bones. holla!

should i ... or shouldn't i? ...

also, i'm mucho excited about some delicious stones throw releases that will be in paws by months end.  horay.  numero uno is mayer hawthornes soul with a hole vol. 1 on this album he mixed old soul 45's.  should be pretty sweet!  and of course, madlib's medicine show #1 before the verdict  horay.   this next month is going to be very good for music.  and of course .. the highly anticipated new amerykah part 2.  fuck ya!  but that isn't until february, so i can't get too excited yet.  


one for the ages.

what a babe.  he will be missed.  when i get to heaven i want to give teddy a back rub.


the cheese on my baguette.

today i'm way into letters and tee-shirts.  and conan o'brien.  my other husband besides joel mchale. tomorrow i'm dedicating any free time to all things conan.

 recycled pillows from rockett st george.  cuz i love scrabble and these pillows are awesome.  oh yes.

from piet parra.  this is also the designer for all those lovely stones throw tees!

ooh. and this is an ode to my mentor and boss, karl lagerfeld.

gosh i sure love that tee.  so good. 

i sure am loving this little number!  so cute. from the etsy shop of babooshka boutique  this sweater even comes with little pockets to hide your candy in.  weee! i saw something like this in a dream methinks.  want.

and lastly.  from the piet parra ... the best video of the century!

oatmeal and granola.


lost change.

sexy.  that's all i can say about this track.

 i got this compilation from 360 that BBE put out a while back. I picked it up because it had that jazzy jeff/slum village joint on it that i sweat called "are you ready"  i damn near flipped my little lid!  anyway, will.i.am had a couple tracks on there that were also very hot.  "lay me down" is definitely one of the stand out tracks on this compilation.

this is definitely one of those songs you may or may not put on to attract the opposite sex when you have them at the crib.  just sayin! 

let's begin.


tra la la.

oh. my. goodness.  i am very excited right now.  i found this lovely boy in san diego named jacob livengood who is a painter of many adorable and lovely things.  mostly to me they remind me of cute monsters covered in sprinkles.  this is right up my alley!  i think he might be the man of my dreams.  he's probably made of those delicious iced circus animals.  i'm serious! 

aaaah.  so cute i am going to die. 

his blog is filled with many wonders to behold, which is where i obtained these little gems.  makes me want to eat cupcakes and stuff.

way to make my day, sprinkle painter!  if you ever see this, please make a note that if we ever meet and get married it has to be at candy mountain. 


vibe time.

when are cl smooth and jazzy jeff going to do an album together?  cuz it would be magicalness.

i hope you love this song as much as i do. 



2010 is not so bad.  well, so far at least.  i still have around 360 days to fuck up.  this is likely.  on new years eve i dreamt of joshua tree. i wish i was there.  also cuz when i woke up that morning all the lights were on at the crib with joolries all in my bed.  oh man.  new years was fun and PPP was the shit!   

anyway,  besides joshua tree dreams things are in fact looking up!  i am so excited,  i'm serious!  well, instead of buying a plane ticket to somewhere fun i bought a camera.  i have no working cameras right now and this had to end.  i have no pictures of epic things lately.  it's so sad, you know? 

i made myself an impulse purchase today and procured a russian re-issue of the lomo lc-a camera!  horay!  god i'm so excited i'm seriously going to puke everywhere. i'm not even joking.  i'm keeping my digits crossed that my old time diana flash will work on the hot shoe.  yeesh.  glad to be back to basics. huzzah and hallelujah. 

hello my pretty ...

now i just have to wait for it to be shipped from mother russia.