the cheese on my baguette.

today i'm way into letters and tee-shirts.  and conan o'brien.  my other husband besides joel mchale. tomorrow i'm dedicating any free time to all things conan.

 recycled pillows from rockett st george.  cuz i love scrabble and these pillows are awesome.  oh yes.

from piet parra.  this is also the designer for all those lovely stones throw tees!

ooh. and this is an ode to my mentor and boss, karl lagerfeld.

gosh i sure love that tee.  so good. 

i sure am loving this little number!  so cute. from the etsy shop of babooshka boutique  this sweater even comes with little pockets to hide your candy in.  weee! i saw something like this in a dream methinks.  want.

and lastly.  from the piet parra ... the best video of the century!

oatmeal and granola.

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