today is tuesday. horay.

what's up lovers?  i am so not into it today.  last nite the wine was flowing like wine.  jesus.  maybe not a good idea for monday. perhaps, but it's not something i'm going to contemplate right meow.

nothing new around these parts, sadly. i am excited though about things i cannot buy but wantwantwant and that is important. it makes me feel quite productive when i am on the internets trolling for nothing at all whatsoever.  it's like panning for gold.  except i think that might be more fun than staring at a computer. 

saddles shoes are obviously back in style.  back in the olden days when i was a wee lass i would wear the shit out of some saddle shoes cuz moms is old and she thought they were classic. well how about that! one thing she was right about. vans came out with some sneaker style saddle shoes that are close to the hard sole kind as it gets, and it's probably a lot easier to ride bikes in also.  karmaloop has them for 55 bones. holla!

should i ... or shouldn't i? ...

also, i'm mucho excited about some delicious stones throw releases that will be in paws by months end.  horay.  numero uno is mayer hawthornes soul with a hole vol. 1 on this album he mixed old soul 45's.  should be pretty sweet!  and of course, madlib's medicine show #1 before the verdict  horay.   this next month is going to be very good for music.  and of course .. the highly anticipated new amerykah part 2.  fuck ya!  but that isn't until february, so i can't get too excited yet.  

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  1. we're still gonna have our amerykha - fuck yeah! - party, right? I will bring... whatever you tell me to. that's the beauty of freedom!