well, well, well ... what do we have here?  more rain.  despite my constant griping i think we can all come to the conclusion that it could be worse.  like it could be snowing. or actually cold.  i don't even know why i am talking about this. 

in other news!!  how about some fun things to look at instead of the sun?  you're in luck cuz the sun was here yesterday and then promptly left which means i'm doing a favor just for you.  i was hoping to do some internet collecting of things that were alike, but then i was distracted by the gargantuan hangover housed in my body.  i started out the week with a hangover, so i might as well end the week with one.  am i right or am i right?

margaux lange. she makes jewelery out of barbie body parts.  it sounds creepy but you know you'd hit it if you had 180 bucks lying around.  i know i would.  peep game on her portfolio page. she makes joolries out of barbie parts and soldered silver.  so amazing!

barbie is by far the strangest most curious toy for girls that i ever owned.  i remember my first barbie.  it was a peaches n' cream one, and i wanted it soooooooo bad.  i was really bummed when i left her dress outside overnight and then a snail slimed his way across her beautiful dress. oh wait, that was rainbow brite's dress.  same thing. 

i'm going to go to the vaults of youtube for something good.  this day is killing me.

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  1. do they suck their teeth?? you KNOW how I feel about that!