2010 is not so bad.  well, so far at least.  i still have around 360 days to fuck up.  this is likely.  on new years eve i dreamt of joshua tree. i wish i was there.  also cuz when i woke up that morning all the lights were on at the crib with joolries all in my bed.  oh man.  new years was fun and PPP was the shit!   

anyway,  besides joshua tree dreams things are in fact looking up!  i am so excited,  i'm serious!  well, instead of buying a plane ticket to somewhere fun i bought a camera.  i have no working cameras right now and this had to end.  i have no pictures of epic things lately.  it's so sad, you know? 

i made myself an impulse purchase today and procured a russian re-issue of the lomo lc-a camera!  horay!  god i'm so excited i'm seriously going to puke everywhere. i'm not even joking.  i'm keeping my digits crossed that my old time diana flash will work on the hot shoe.  yeesh.  glad to be back to basics. huzzah and hallelujah. 

hello my pretty ...

now i just have to wait for it to be shipped from mother russia. 

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