residual energies.

hi friends!  yay for friday.  let's hang out tonite and make dinner okay? great. see you then. 

i'm feeling under the weather today, i think cuz i had the bright idea to drink delicious stumptown coffee at nine at nite.  what was i thinking?!  jeez.  my eyeballs are jiggling right meow and i cannot deal with it.  i am looking forward to post-work. 

i recently got in touch with my old time friend chris who runs the site 20goto10 horay. 20goto10 used to be a physical gallery in san francisco, but is no more.  while i was stalking his blog i found out the new gallery is called gallery heist.  hot shit.   one artist whose show just ended is ryan de la hoz.  yay!  he's pretty neato.  i'm way into the skeleton action and mounds of geodes.  weeee.  

this is from the residual energies series.

also, chris has been working on some fresh headphone speakers (photos on the blog).  they are super high tech and are real nice looking.  he's really smart.  probably smarter than you and me combined. you can't fuck with dat.

dang. them links was broke. my bad.  fixed!

part tres.

what, you haven't been watching?  fine. i hate you.

Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Prt3 (of 3) from Stussy on Vimeo.



horay for my beautiful, glorious lc-a. i finally got my first test rolls of this baby. they are test rolls cuz i accidentally exposed one, and didn't load the film correctly on the other. does not care. (except the exposed roll was an eight dollar roll, so that was lame).

weee!! i'm very excited about my new camera. aaaand, as a reward for not smoking i bought myself a new colorsplash flash for it. horay horay. cant wait to see it in my little mailbox. anyway. so here are finally some new pictures, that are actually new! this year i swear to not be behind on film development. maybe.

here are some from the fix-dilla nite (over-exposed. sadface.) and some other random adventures with friends around town. lastly i'm including some i took for a project i did last term. dang, thems is old.

peep game on my behance portfolio for the rest of them pictures.  holla.


dilla church.

oh man.  where were you last nite?!!

rhettmatic and houseshoes brought the house down.  i'm talking about some mind blowing stuff.  they both played a lot dilla produced songs as well as songs that he sampled to make said songs.  wtf.  who do these guys think they are?!  so amazing. so amazing.  aaaaaah.  i stayed up quite late, but its all good because i was at church. it was a two paws up sort of nite.

houseshoes was wearing the nicest little shirt that said 'just dilla.'  i want one.  where can get my paws on one?  i don't wear tees, but i'd sure wear one of those!  oh yes.  i found one here. however, i'm not certain of its legitmacy.  just sayin! 


donut tree.

oh my goodness.  dudes.  we need to plant one of these asap. wouldn't it be amazing to walk into a donut tree forest?  maybe not the powdered donut kind, but the sprinkle kind.  and maybe not jelly donut either. how about we can stick to glazed, cruller, cake and sprinkle.  i mean sprankle. sprinkle sprankle.

donut city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




hello.  i am an email hoarder.

this morning i went through 191 'drafts' i had in my gmail.  what the hell.  i have no idea how it happened.  i turned around, then four years later ... BOOM. who knows. 

at any rate, even though the process was quite arduous i unearthed many delightful items.  artists that i once knew of but that had been long since forgotten.  love letter to boys i hate (and am glad i did not send). lorca and neruda and hafiz.  many things. it was a joyous thing. 

one of these ancient artifacts was olaf hajek.  please peep game on his site, for it is a treasure trove.  he also has a pretty new book out called flowerhead!  quite lovely.  quite.

a face at the end of the day ...

a bouquet of naked rain
every ray of sun hidden
every fount of founts in the depths of the water
every mirror of mirrors broken
a face in the scales of silence
a pebble among other pebbles
for the leaves last glimmers of day
a face like all the forgotten faces.



thats whats up.

also, dilla tribute nite this week at the fix. holla! all proceeds from the door will go toward the j. dilla foundation. houseshoes and rhettmatic are guest dj'ing as well, should be pretty fantastic. 

moving photos.

this guy is so neat! he put together this video montage of stills taken, the effect is amazingness.  pulsating, photographic amazingness. 

theo tagholm the rest of his site is pretty swell, also.


shark week.

oh yes.  valentines day weekend. i tell you what ... if i had a sweetie i'd make him buy me joolries, and not just any jewels. they have to be related to animals.  fancy animals coated in swarovski. possibly vintage but this is not a must.  i will settle for new, that's fine. 

my latest thing is noir jewelery.  they do good work.

side note: what a bumout about alexander mcqueen. that man was a true artist. dramatic, intelligent and classic.  he encompassed such a beautiful spirit and it is a sad time for the world of art, design and fashion.  boohoo for reals. 

love of my life.

already posted it, but does not care! i love this song and this video.  never gets old.  the love movement!

i love valentines weekend.  even though i have no valentine, i have no problem celebrating love because everyone deserves it.

i just ate the biggest sando of my life,  i'm not even playin.


b plus.

he's the best. the greatest. the most high! he's B+ nuff said.  an inspiration to me right now since i'm in a photographic s.l.u.m.p.

this is from the ghost notes series.  my favorite on his website is the record dealers series,  some beautiful portraits in thar!

also, check out this video for quantic that B+ did.  so sick!

ooh, i wonder what good ol' mel d. cole is up to these days??? i'll have a book report for you tomorrow. holla!


oh girl.

i'm super behind on reading music news and obtaining new delectable treats! 

my husband, d'angelo has some brand spanking new material on the internets!!  wowwwweee.  he never fails to impress me, which is why i'm glad he is my husband.  check the track 1000 deaths on moovmnt.  to celebrate, i want to take you out for cupcakes.

for old times' sake, really love that good old ?uestlove leaked on the radiooooooo.


love love love.

i'm in a love mood today.  also, i'm making my valentines for you this week.  yay!  aren't you excited?  there will be scratch n' sniff things and chocolate hearts all around. 

what up ragen fykes!  where you at, girl!? 

and a blu & exile mood, apparently.

i'm bored. make today go away and please take my mid term for me. kthx.


diggin in the shoebox.

freestyle fellowship!!  how you know about that?!

I like on this video how the person writes 'diggin in the shoebox'!  haha.  too good.

jose james remake. this man makes me melt. what an amazing voice.  freestyle fellowship > bone thugs > jose james.  so good!


yes yes no.

erykah. yes. bilal. yes.  lil wayne.  no.

i am torn because i cannot stand weezy.  why does anyone actually like him?  i will never know.  this track is sick despite the fact that weezy is on it.  *i'm rolling my eyes* no, seriously, it's good.  hating is what i do best.

i can't wait for this album to drop.


groundhog day!!!

the only thing on my mind this morning was beautiful, glorious springtime!  even though that groundhog guy says otherwise, it smelled like cherry blossoms outside and it was oh so lovely.

this weekend i drank a lot and ate a lot. in between booze comas i managed to get to frances may and saw something magical.  magical, meaning beautiful and not affordable for little alex, but i digress. 

aesa jewelery makes some amazing things. what caught my attention were the necklaces that look like spinal columns.  hot shit.  their website has a plethora of other items that are just as lovely to look at.  i didn't ask for price points because i didn't want to have a heart attack about it.  i'm sure it's more than my rent though cuz they also sell this line at barney's. beautiful, nonethless. this is from the machine de terre collection.

today i'm trolling the internets and avoiding work. what are YOU doing? 

also, i'm finally going to pick up shafiq husayn's new album shafiq en' a-free-ka from good ol' 360.  holla!  i can't wait to hear that thing.    speaking of can't waiting to hear something!  last week kenny let the cat out of the bag about coultrain releasing a 7" on recordbreakin' very very soon!  i'm sure it will be two paws up.  horay. you can lisiten to snippets on moovmnt.

basic instinct.