horay for my beautiful, glorious lc-a. i finally got my first test rolls of this baby. they are test rolls cuz i accidentally exposed one, and didn't load the film correctly on the other. does not care. (except the exposed roll was an eight dollar roll, so that was lame).

weee!! i'm very excited about my new camera. aaaand, as a reward for not smoking i bought myself a new colorsplash flash for it. horay horay. cant wait to see it in my little mailbox. anyway. so here are finally some new pictures, that are actually new! this year i swear to not be behind on film development. maybe.

here are some from the fix-dilla nite (over-exposed. sadface.) and some other random adventures with friends around town. lastly i'm including some i took for a project i did last term. dang, thems is old.

peep game on my behance portfolio for the rest of them pictures.  holla.


  1. Duude! That shot of the neon in the puddle is SO TIGHT. You are amazing.

  2. thanks little button!! when the fudge are we gonna make cock waaaaafles!?