hello.  i am an email hoarder.

this morning i went through 191 'drafts' i had in my gmail.  what the hell.  i have no idea how it happened.  i turned around, then four years later ... BOOM. who knows. 

at any rate, even though the process was quite arduous i unearthed many delightful items.  artists that i once knew of but that had been long since forgotten.  love letter to boys i hate (and am glad i did not send). lorca and neruda and hafiz.  many things. it was a joyous thing. 

one of these ancient artifacts was olaf hajek.  please peep game on his site, for it is a treasure trove.  he also has a pretty new book out called flowerhead!  quite lovely.  quite.

a face at the end of the day ...

a bouquet of naked rain
every ray of sun hidden
every fount of founts in the depths of the water
every mirror of mirrors broken
a face in the scales of silence
a pebble among other pebbles
for the leaves last glimmers of day
a face like all the forgotten faces.


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