dilla church.

oh man.  where were you last nite?!!

rhettmatic and houseshoes brought the house down.  i'm talking about some mind blowing stuff.  they both played a lot dilla produced songs as well as songs that he sampled to make said songs.  wtf.  who do these guys think they are?!  so amazing. so amazing.  aaaaaah.  i stayed up quite late, but its all good because i was at church. it was a two paws up sort of nite.

houseshoes was wearing the nicest little shirt that said 'just dilla.'  i want one.  where can get my paws on one?  i don't wear tees, but i'd sure wear one of those!  oh yes.  i found one here. however, i'm not certain of its legitmacy.  just sayin! 

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