groundhog day!!!

the only thing on my mind this morning was beautiful, glorious springtime!  even though that groundhog guy says otherwise, it smelled like cherry blossoms outside and it was oh so lovely.

this weekend i drank a lot and ate a lot. in between booze comas i managed to get to frances may and saw something magical.  magical, meaning beautiful and not affordable for little alex, but i digress. 

aesa jewelery makes some amazing things. what caught my attention were the necklaces that look like spinal columns.  hot shit.  their website has a plethora of other items that are just as lovely to look at.  i didn't ask for price points because i didn't want to have a heart attack about it.  i'm sure it's more than my rent though cuz they also sell this line at barney's. beautiful, nonethless. this is from the machine de terre collection.

today i'm trolling the internets and avoiding work. what are YOU doing? 

also, i'm finally going to pick up shafiq husayn's new album shafiq en' a-free-ka from good ol' 360.  holla!  i can't wait to hear that thing.    speaking of can't waiting to hear something!  last week kenny let the cat out of the bag about coultrain releasing a 7" on recordbreakin' very very soon!  i'm sure it will be two paws up.  horay. you can lisiten to snippets on moovmnt.

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  1. wow. way to make me jizz in my pants with that friggin' droolery. yeah. I just called it droolery. CUZ IT MAKES ME DROOOOOOOL.