residual energies.

hi friends!  yay for friday.  let's hang out tonite and make dinner okay? great. see you then. 

i'm feeling under the weather today, i think cuz i had the bright idea to drink delicious stumptown coffee at nine at nite.  what was i thinking?!  jeez.  my eyeballs are jiggling right meow and i cannot deal with it.  i am looking forward to post-work. 

i recently got in touch with my old time friend chris who runs the site 20goto10 horay. 20goto10 used to be a physical gallery in san francisco, but is no more.  while i was stalking his blog i found out the new gallery is called gallery heist.  hot shit.   one artist whose show just ended is ryan de la hoz.  yay!  he's pretty neato.  i'm way into the skeleton action and mounds of geodes.  weeee.  

this is from the residual energies series.

also, chris has been working on some fresh headphone speakers (photos on the blog).  they are super high tech and are real nice looking.  he's really smart.  probably smarter than you and me combined. you can't fuck with dat.

dang. them links was broke. my bad.  fixed!

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