heart shapes.

this weekend i walked a lot. love was a common theme in my mind. the blossoming springtime beauty around me is but a small reminder of how much life is to be loved and cherished.  i spotted a heart shaped leaf on the ground and i was really excited. finding a heart shaped anything is pretty much the best.  but then i realized it was an ivy leaf and all them things are heart shaped.  ha.  nonetheless.  it was pretty fucking magical.

erin found this on a wooden table when we were in joseph:

dogs bite softly
into night
tasting sleep
not dreaming
not remembering
they find morning
and are surprised.



tune-yards make me real happy.  ♥♥♥

i've been in the mountains doing mountain man things. like wood chopping and whiskey drinking. it was rad. 


drop of dreams.

hells yes.  toshiko okanoue has an exhibit that just opened this week at charles hartman gallery.  horay an hallelujah!  i feel like i haven't been this excited for an exhibit in quite some time.  toshiko okanoue does surreal photographic collage and it is so beautiful.  kind of makes me want to fall over and die.  i'm not even joking around you guys.  so good.  definitely a two paws up type deal. 

the exhibit is up on the charles hartman website, but it's probably best to go see it in person.  i'll even go with you!  we can get ice cream afterward.  horay for ice cream!  it will be showing through may first.  aught ten. 


pursuit of happiness.

my husband has a glorious new video.  no, not d'angelo. and also not jacob livengood.  :)

kid cudi  ...  gosh. i would love to make out with him. 

pursuit of happiness is one of my favorites from 2009.  this is the new video for it and it was produced  by MEGAFORCE.  hot shit.  watch it right here, friends.


stream of consciousness.

it smells like cherry blossoms, sunshine and cake outside.  yay for spring!

i really wish this was my stream of consciousness.  well, i guess it kind of is but i don't draw like this. 

will goodan.

he also has very nice film photos.  peep them on his website.



i like.

miriam schapiro:


frida and me:


A loveless world is a dead world, and always there comes an hour when one is weary of prisons, of one's work, and of devotion to duty, and all one craves for is a loved face, the warmth and wonder of a loving heart.




treasure hunt.

tra la la! yay for friday.

also, yay for accessorizing.  what would people do without the best of accessories?  i just don't know.  accessories are my raison d'être.  why, just this past weekend when i was treasure hunting for frames, i totally found some neat old gold jewelery.  this made me one happy girl, let me tell you.

this is one of my favorite lines of jewelery. macha keeps it classy. 

i actually need this.  no lie.  it's a black bear tooth. i know. i'm jealous, too.

i love the rockwell collection.  the 'stone' is made of metal then plated in silver or gold.  so tight.

stone&honey is a line carried by frances may.  gosh i love that store.  i like this stuff cuz it's light and just absolutely gorgeous.  so very frances may.

i cannot wait to gtfo of here!  hiphop tonite at rotture. oh yes.


los muchachos bestial.

hells yea.  maricormaricar are my new favorites for today.  i came across their work a while back and was really impressed by their simplicity of line and color.  it's really rich and lovely.  the design team are twin sisters.  keeeeyyyyoooot!  they do good work. check out their blog for further projects/photos. they have an official website coming soon i think. 

los muchachos bestial:  n2it.

reminds me of when my friend found a brand new lucha mask on the street an i got real jealous. how come i never find cool stuff like that? i was inspired though to be a luchador for halloween. i'm going to start trolling the army surplus store for some goods.

... speaking of luchadores ... maybe i'll be able to make it down to cali this summer in time for some lucha vavoom action.  that would be sick!



northwest dude luke ramsey.  he's neato. 

he also did a cover for our beloved portland mercury back in november.  good stuff. i wish i could find a picture of it online somewhere.  it's kind of awesome cuz it's basically a bear in a provocative pose.  covered in naked people.  weird/awesome. 

buy his prints here.  i bet one of those would look lovely next to my hausu poster that's waiting for me at home.  or not.  im just amped about that dang poster.  ooooweee! excitement abounds.

so sleepy.  let's go get some coffee. 

good things.

this morning on my way to work i was blessed by a couple glorious things.  firstly, i found this really cool antique looking watchface!  i haven't found a treasure like that in a long time and it made me gleeful.  then then a few blocks later i found myself a muthafukkin quarter.  oh yes.  laundry.  that's what i'm talking about.  things are looking up. 

although due to my recent obsession with paring down my life i left the watchface on someone's window sill.  *sigh*

this songs lifts me up.  la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa. 


today is monday. horay.

my lovely friend ragen fykes, 1/2 of M64, has collaborated with the park and keelay of the bay area to create grillade.  those kids are working on some full length stuff.  i thought it was a 7", but this baby was wrong!  anyway, it sounds pretty hot. 

to satisfy your need, if you go to record breakin' they have a sample of an M64/grillade remix of 'in the pocket' that you can download for free.  holla!


last nite i had a dream i had a giant mounds bar and then i woke up it was just monday.  lamesauce!  where's my giant mounds? i should totally make one for myself for my birthday. 

de la heaven.

i am in a good ass mood today.  i'm totally feelin it. 

no one better smart off at me and ruin this. just sayin.  



takagi masakatsu. awesome.  this is an oldie but a goodie. love this style of animation, not too sure about the music. whatevs.

yay friday!



one of my good friends federico nessi caught up recently.  he's in miami right now, but we met in portland years ago.  gosh i love that guy.  he is one of the nicest boys in all the land. he does photography and apparently makes really neat drawings as well.  is there anything you can't do, freddy? 

here are some of my favorite things from his website.



i'm totally obsessed with this movie i saw last nite. it was literally one of the greatest movies i have ever seen. i feel blessed to have been able to see this film.  so amazing. so. amazing. i mean, look at the dang movie poster.  it is proof of greatness. 

here's a scene from this little gem.  one of the girls gets eaten by the piano.  check out skeleton in the corner.  not to mention the graphics.  mindblowing! 

you can buy the poster here.  yay!  i'm buying fifty.


woodland man.

revisiting chrome children this week and i am reminded how much i love the artwork for the cover! so fun and simple. jacob escobedo is the dude. my favorite part of the sleeve of chrome children vol. 1 is the inside part, which i couldn't find on the internets to share with you. booooo. however i did find these lovely creatures on his 20x200 profile. i love little creatures. i can't wait to do my animals portraits with mustaches. when am i going to get on that? never.