los muchachos bestial.

hells yea.  maricormaricar are my new favorites for today.  i came across their work a while back and was really impressed by their simplicity of line and color.  it's really rich and lovely.  the design team are twin sisters.  keeeeyyyyoooot!  they do good work. check out their blog for further projects/photos. they have an official website coming soon i think. 

los muchachos bestial:  n2it.

reminds me of when my friend found a brand new lucha mask on the street an i got real jealous. how come i never find cool stuff like that? i was inspired though to be a luchador for halloween. i'm going to start trolling the army surplus store for some goods.

... speaking of luchadores ... maybe i'll be able to make it down to cali this summer in time for some lucha vavoom action.  that would be sick!

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