treasure hunt.

tra la la! yay for friday.

also, yay for accessorizing.  what would people do without the best of accessories?  i just don't know.  accessories are my raison d'être.  why, just this past weekend when i was treasure hunting for frames, i totally found some neat old gold jewelery.  this made me one happy girl, let me tell you.

this is one of my favorite lines of jewelery. macha keeps it classy. 

i actually need this.  no lie.  it's a black bear tooth. i know. i'm jealous, too.

i love the rockwell collection.  the 'stone' is made of metal then plated in silver or gold.  so tight.

stone&honey is a line carried by frances may.  gosh i love that store.  i like this stuff cuz it's light and just absolutely gorgeous.  so very frances may.

i cannot wait to gtfo of here!  hiphop tonite at rotture. oh yes.

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  1. ooo, i like that ring with the gold stone. i wants it. it was good to see you at rotture. you were looking cute as always <3 -emma