static on the brain.

yes!  i really love this. 

jason levin is big on the analog front.  so good!  my buddy told me about him last nite and i had to know about this dude.  grimy, sublime and beautiful, just perfect! check out his galleries on his site. he also has some nice journals as well. 



♥ ♥ ♥ funky thursday.

j.rocc tonite at the fix!  holla.  i cannot wait.

someone be a pal and go get my records i wanted signed, bring me coffee and fix my bike.  kthx. 



k. scott rawls is pretty amazing. big and bright making life better. his stuff is at stumptown but only for a few more days.  booooo.

there's a rainbow outside my window.  hopefully an omen of good things.

there is no end in sight.


i wake in the morning. stars in my sleepy eyes.  it's all i can think of.


omfg. co.

you know what i love?  boys that can do neat things. especially boys who do neat things in portland, cuz portland is the shit!

the gentlemen of the official manufacturing company make neat things.  their most recent things are lovely t-shirts.  quite lovely indeed. 

they also made the most fantastical sign for olympic provisions. so good!  we need to go there for charcuterie soon, okay? okay great.

OMFG CO.  be about it.


i like.

this morning i was drinking tea in my kitchen and i got to thinking how much i love it in there. it's my favorite place to be in my studio.  i do believe it is becaue of the fact that i have many chotchkies living on the shelves and stuff, they're so cute! how can i not love being in there? 

also it's cuz i have some neat prints that i've acquired over the years that i've been putting up lately.  one of my favorites is a tiny card i picked up from the pony club gallery at the everett street lofts.  to me, it's the most solid spot on that block.  they always have the goods. 

anyway, jennifer parks is my favorite.  she makes all kinds of neat drawings and prints of animals, ghosts and dreams.  she's neat.

i'm really in the mood for some coconut cream pie.  and some treasure hunting at goodwill.  somehow i will make this happen today.



I am in talks with a friend of mine about our up and coming bike gang.  Looks like the only rules are that you have to be a total babe and cannot have a mustache.  sorry dude friends with mustaches, but srsly. not cute anymore.  i am over this phase of hipsterness. also, not cute anymore?  fake ass glasses.  can you please stop it?  god, it's so annoying.  i thought that trend went away when weezer broke up, but alas ...

anyway, the point of my tangent is that to be in our gang you have to be hot. you can also have drop handlebars, but it is not required. however, if you do decide to have this style of handlebar, it has to be these. because they are hot and also because my favorite movie in the world is do the right thing.  how can you not love that joint? especially radio raheem's monologue.  classic.

death spray custom are the makers of nitto tracks bars.  holla.



i love aleksandra rdest and the way she sees color. it's so sweeping and lovely. 

talk less.  do more.


into the lake.

a while back i went to a far away land called 'eastern oregon.'  it was pretty fucking magical.  i met these dudeladies on the way, it turns out they were in some psych rock band.  i don't know about you, but i was pretty amped about that. we visited the pendleton brothels, chanted to the wind,  drank drank and played cards.  it was serious business like what.

i shot this with my little lc-a and some sweet 400 speed film. 

more goodtimes on my behance portfolio. 

part deux coming sooooooon.


♥ ♥ spring fever. ♥

oooowweee.  what's up lovers?  i miss you. do you miss me? 

it has been raining non-stop the last couple weeks and that really makes me want to cry. serious.  i need some vitamin d!

this week i am planning on spending all of my money on stonesthrow things.  goodness gracious.  madlib's young jazz rebels has a much awaited new release out today.  heck yes!  i can't wait to get my paws on that.  tip on sleeve!  why are they so fancy over there at stonesthrow? ♥

now i just needs to get my paws on the last electro-acoustic space jazz & percussion ensemble and my life will be complete.  i'm going broke on madlib.  horay.

i love that album cover!


springtime observations.

now that the lilacs are in bloom
she has a bowl of lilacs in her room
and twists one in her fingers as she talks:
ah, my friend, you do not know
you do not know what life is
(slowly twisting the lilac stalk)
you let it flow from you, you let it flow
and youth is cruel and has no remorse

and smiles at situations which it cannot see.
i smile, of course, and go on drinking tea.
yet with these april sunsets that somehow recall
my buried life, and paris in the spring
i feel remarkably at ease
and find the world to be beautiful and youthful after all.

--ts eliot