i like.

this morning i was drinking tea in my kitchen and i got to thinking how much i love it in there. it's my favorite place to be in my studio.  i do believe it is becaue of the fact that i have many chotchkies living on the shelves and stuff, they're so cute! how can i not love being in there? 

also it's cuz i have some neat prints that i've acquired over the years that i've been putting up lately.  one of my favorites is a tiny card i picked up from the pony club gallery at the everett street lofts.  to me, it's the most solid spot on that block.  they always have the goods. 

anyway, jennifer parks is my favorite.  she makes all kinds of neat drawings and prints of animals, ghosts and dreams.  she's neat.

i'm really in the mood for some coconut cream pie.  and some treasure hunting at goodwill.  somehow i will make this happen today.


  1. Dude, QFC has a pre-made coconut cream pie that is soooooooooo delicious. You can buy just one slice too! :o

    I love that doggy with the feathers/leaves comin' out his mouth.

    Hi Alex!

    -Emma <3

  2. WHAT!? goodness. i am going to have acquire some of that for our next picnic. weeee!