I am in talks with a friend of mine about our up and coming bike gang.  Looks like the only rules are that you have to be a total babe and cannot have a mustache.  sorry dude friends with mustaches, but srsly. not cute anymore.  i am over this phase of hipsterness. also, not cute anymore?  fake ass glasses.  can you please stop it?  god, it's so annoying.  i thought that trend went away when weezer broke up, but alas ...

anyway, the point of my tangent is that to be in our gang you have to be hot. you can also have drop handlebars, but it is not required. however, if you do decide to have this style of handlebar, it has to be these. because they are hot and also because my favorite movie in the world is do the right thing.  how can you not love that joint? especially radio raheem's monologue.  classic.

death spray custom are the makers of nitto tracks bars.  holla.


  1. Yes! A little scruff is OK.

    Abs not required but definitely are a bonus, especially for our summer bike and swim trips.

  2. scruff is always a plus. and any hot guy with scruff that doesn't have a bike can be an honorary member and drink tequila with us on saturday nite.

    i know that's not in the itinerary, but it might be this summer. just sayin.

  3. I am alllllll over this. Brian has a mustache though :(

    I don't have drop bars, but I do have flop n' chops.

    And I love tequila on Saturday nights! <3 -Emma

  4. brian has a mustachio? how come i never noticed? well, we'll have to get rid of it for him when he's asleep. just on principle.

    yay for tequila on saturday nights. lezdoit.