betsy walton is my new favorite.  during these days that are filled only with dark clouds and warm rain, it's so good to find inspiration in something magical like her paintings.  she is also a mythical storyteller, which you can get into at her blog. her work is so dream-like and vivid-filled with rich color; and along with the shapes that accentuate it - pretty fucking magical i'd say! 

i actually found her via a brand spanking new collective website called arrow to arrow which features mostly portland artists, but has a few other fine folks in there as well.  very very nice.

i'm trying to fill my eyes with as much color and imagery as possible until the summer comes.  it feels like it's never going to get here, but i have faith.  oh yes i do.  reminds me a little of that story 'all summer in a day' by ray bradbury when the summer only came for one fleeting day.  i felt so bad for that girl, margot.  what a bumout. 

anyhow, yay summer! 

p/s/ if anyone finds a zagnut bar in their neighborhood cornerstore, please to be sending it my way.  kthx. i told mayor adams about, hopefully he has this on his to-do list.  although, he didn't know what one was. jeez louise!

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  1. I love her stuff! I saw it a little while ago on a blog. It's gorgeous. <3 Emma