cupcake tuesday.

horay for today. not only is it muthalovin’ tuesday, but one of the dudeladies is back today! carlton left us to go to the american school in D.C. and become even more magical with her painting skills. to celebrate carlton’s return, I vote for cupcakes and tea. except instead of tea, we’ll have to drank wine or something. maybe we can have tea, it’s whatever. as long as we can have some yummy cupcakes and what not. duh.

carlie leagjeld is totally magical! the work she has been doing are some really beautiful mixed media on paper and canvas, as well as small installations. all of it is to represent the unseen in the world around us. up close, her work has intense layers of texture and color that communicates with different levels of how we see; not just how we see the visual work but to explore the environment where we live and how we think. they are quite lovely. i even have a teeny one inside my art cabinet. inspiration. so glad to have you back in portland.

fine art master.



  1. AHHHH!!!! I love her art more than any single or combined part of me and I love her person more than anyone in my genetic family! SHE IS DEH BEST!