gunta stolzl was a master at all things textiles.  kind of amazing that some people have the knack for weaving and creating pretty colors.  she was part of the bauhaus and that makes her even more special!  one of the first ladies to dominate that area of art.  fantasticalness.

it's neat how a lot of current artists i see channel the same type of patterns and colors as stolzl, i think it's an artists subconscious at work and maybe not a direct influence?  maybe?  whatever. 

if i got any kind of rug like this i'm certain my cat would puke on it.

i have a super long reading list and i'm trying to catch up on stuff so my brain doesn't go dumb. right now i'm re-reading concerning the spiritual in art by kandinsky. it's short and it's good. you should try it.

what are you reading this summer??


painted cats.

it's tuesday and i do what i want. today is painted cats tuesday!


danish man.

verner panton was on some danish tip. he designed a lot of cool stuff including some really sweet op-art textile. dude is super famous in danish land. if you're lucky, you can spend your rent money on one of his framed textile pieces from look modernsuper hot.

today i'm treasure hunting for color again.


today is thursday. horay.

holy moly, what's going on dudes?  i wish i was at the park drinking coffee and drawing a pretty picture.  being at work is for the birds, let me tell you what. 

today i like tim lahan.  he is a super awesome illustrator and graphic designer from somewhere not in america.  so fun and cute, i give it the official rating of two paws up. 

in other news.  i am going to ebay myself a zagnut bar today.  i am so excited.  if i get a lot of them i am going to somehow make an ice cream cake creation.  i'm serious.  maybe it'll be beetlejuice themed?  yes. that sounds like an excellent idea. 


pizza party.

delicious.  ferris plock

i'm hoarding my bookmarks again.  hoping that using my delicious account will be a good solution to this problem. who am i kidding?   

i have a twitter account now.  bad news, i know.  too connected these days, but it's kind of a fun obsession. 



simpler times.

one of the best things of summer is the understated quiet. it is a contented peaceful quiet that hides in between laughter, under smooth shining rocks in the sun. it is in the warmth that swirls in and out of eyes. the simple things of summer are the most cherished, the ones i miss the most. i cannot wait to sit in the quiet of the forest surrounded by warmth and the season that love creates. happy to be alive.

today is mia nolting. she knows simple beauty better than most.