gunta stolzl was a master at all things textiles.  kind of amazing that some people have the knack for weaving and creating pretty colors.  she was part of the bauhaus and that makes her even more special!  one of the first ladies to dominate that area of art.  fantasticalness.

it's neat how a lot of current artists i see channel the same type of patterns and colors as stolzl, i think it's an artists subconscious at work and maybe not a direct influence?  maybe?  whatever. 

if i got any kind of rug like this i'm certain my cat would puke on it.

i have a super long reading list and i'm trying to catch up on stuff so my brain doesn't go dumb. right now i'm re-reading concerning the spiritual in art by kandinsky. it's short and it's good. you should try it.

what are you reading this summer??

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