e. badu.

oh lordy.  this weekend i scored a home-run. no, really. i did.  we played whiffle ball and i totally hit a home-run. 

in other home-run terms: friday was a home-run because the beautiful, glorious, wonderful, magical, amazing  erykah badu graced portland with her presence at the fix!!  there had been much talk the last couple of weeks and it was confirmed friday at 6pm. oooowweeee!! what a nite.  georgia anne muldrow and dudley perkins were amazing enough, but with badu?  get outta town!  it was so damn fonky i still am on clouds.  words can't describle her.  she is the shit.  that's all there is to it!  life is complete. i can die now.  here's a clip from the show.  be jealous.

thank yous to all my friends with the fix crew for making dreams come true.  love you boys.

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