guess what's exciting? well one of the best things in a long time. I've been asked to submit a photo for compound gallery's september show called idealistically hypocritical. this show will be featuring 20 different artists of all kinds including photographers, illustrators, painters, designers and some filmmakers. i'm pretty freaking pleased with the talent already recruited and completely humbled to be part of this show! ever since the gallery opened i thought how cool it would be to show there. now is perfect. thanks friends! please be sure to be there on september 2nd, or we will most certainly not be pals anymore.

here are some things from a couple dudes in the show. so neat.

sam brosnan: portlander: photographer: filmmaker:

Evening Commute from Sam Brosnan on Vimeo.

dominik kruger: portlander: photographer: awesome

i really love his approach to architectural photographer. really smooth and really nice lines that he captures.

ryuchi ogino (ogi): painter: awesome:

and in dreams I live ... memory ...
moon ... splendor ... love.

sometimes a great notion - ken kesey