serena malyon created these incredible tilt-shift style images for artcyclopedia. i've always been a big fan of tilt-shift style photography including fake photoshopped kind, but this kind of takes it to a whole new level. tilt-shift paintings? who knew! even though this might be considered by purists as destroying the original aura of van gogh's paintings, i think it really brings out the level of texture in impressionists paintings as a whole. plus this is just for fun.  jeez.  high fives to serena malyon.  this is so freaking cool.


ghost spaces.

summer. it's gone.  i'm okay with this. really i am.  plus when fall begins that means i'll likely be on the internet more. i read so many books this summer it was awesome!  but i forgot about stuff, and one was that i like the internet. i miss it and it fell to the wayside for books.  

so anyway.  one of my favorites this summer that i made a mental bookmark for was ryan walter wagner.  he is super duper neat and does good work.  he has like five million websites, but my favorite is his blog cuz you can spend hours on it.  it's so extensive. his game is definitely hard to match! i love the photos he takes of places that are abandoned and void of people. so nice and ghosty.

reminds me that i need to dust off the old medium formats i have hoarded away in my cabinets.  it's portrait time.

really digging on the bc ferry series. 



szymon roginski, i ♥ you.

i love the z in your first name and i love your photos.  some of his stuff is so amazing that it looks like it's fake because it's too amazing.  check out his photos here. and there, too.  of interest especially are the usa 2001 photos.  hollllyyy.  so very quiet and perfect.  it looks like california, and the dead giveaway is not the ocean. sayin'.

it's fall almost and i want to go into the forest to take some long photos with pretty lights.  his photos are very nice and exacly what i want.  i bet if he lived near me we could totally be bff, but alas ... a whole sea apart!  it's the making of a great movie.

no for real. i ♥ you szymon roginski.

dawn after a sleepless night always impresses me.



l.a. painter steven lopez knows how to really make colors vibrate and show them in full bloom.  the latest in his after midnight series is the always beautiful alicia keys.  what i love most about this group of works is his ability to make colors sing just like the women he paints.  not an easy thing, but he makes it look effortless.  juicy!

check the rest of his work on his site.  his work is pure poetry and magical, take the time to recognize.

After Midnight 9: Alicia Keys "No One" from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

"...colour is a power which directly influences the soul. colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. the artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul." -kandinsky