szymon roginski, i ♥ you.

i love the z in your first name and i love your photos.  some of his stuff is so amazing that it looks like it's fake because it's too amazing.  check out his photos here. and there, too.  of interest especially are the usa 2001 photos.  hollllyyy.  so very quiet and perfect.  it looks like california, and the dead giveaway is not the ocean. sayin'.

it's fall almost and i want to go into the forest to take some long photos with pretty lights.  his photos are very nice and exacly what i want.  i bet if he lived near me we could totally be bff, but alas ... a whole sea apart!  it's the making of a great movie.

no for real. i ♥ you szymon roginski.

dawn after a sleepless night always impresses me.

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