god's man.

lynd ward is pretty fantastical.  he made some books using illustrations he carved and printed by hand. sometimes i'll see an artist that i feel so connected to.  someone that inspires me and makes me wish i knew about them years ago.  well, lynd ward makes me feel that way.  i am obsessed.  so much drama in each print that he makes, and they're pretty teeny too. you would be mesmerized.

he made a book called god's man that features the tale of a man who wishes to have great artistic powers in return for his soul.  it's beautiful and haunting, and the graphic nature of the images really illuminates the power of what he makes. or really just the power that something so simple in its presentation can have on you.  i would totally high five him for this book.  until you get a chance to check out his stuff, feel free to get mesmerized up in here.  not all of this is from god's man, but some of it. 


happy valentine's day, jerks!

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