high consciousness.

i like.

the museum of naive art in croatia is pretty tight.  this museum is a space that focuses on displaying works of art made by average folks that just so happen to be beautiful artists in their own right. these artists do not come from any prestigious artistic backgrounds per se, but they have the artistic ability better than many and are recognized with this space.

sometimes when i need some tasty patterns and delicious colors in my life i get inspired by the artists included in their museum. one of my favorite things about a majority of the artists you can see through their website is the patterning and grouping of colors.  their recognition of space and form is spot on, even in stances where it may not seem like it. they paint from pure feeling. this is not necessarily an abstraction, just high consciousness. 

ivan rabuzin:

emerik feješ:

this depicion of sainte-chapelle is dope.  i do believe the stained glass rendered is how architects and artists meant for the color to be seen back in the olden days of the 13th century. yep.

ivan generalić:
 i am loving this dudes stuff.  

a pesonal favorite.

germain van der steen:

moon faced cat.woah. wouldn't mind having this up in my foyer or something.

it's too early to be alive.