forest for the trees.

right now in portland, oregon a group of artists who go by the moniker forest for the trees are embarking on a super sick project putting up murals all over town.  this elite group of artists features the likes of mhak, blaine fontana, taka sudo and my super art crush sam rodriguez!  there are quite a few more and i think it will be a great addition to portland's rose murals around town.  

check out their instagram to see the project and get inspired, fools.  


melt. young magic.

just an illusion.

the super talented carl cashman has his first solo show at breeze block gallery in portland, oregon up right now. a sold out solo show. how amazing is that? well, not very if you consider how fly his work is! very easy, very smart style and not pretentious.  so cool.  

kind of bumming that i missed the show now. 


step and stand clear.

so about the neon works of patrick martinez.  he is way too tight.  really am loving what he's doing representing the west coast style of art in this form, as well as in his paintings.  he has got it going on!  damn. how can i get myself hooked up with some sweet neon signage?  everyone needs one in their life.
just like velvet paintings.

get cake

good lookin

hustle mania

 increase the peace

productos refrescos

get cake, homie. 



oldie, but goodie. i have some blog reading to catch up on. 


electric maps.

gloria petyarre is currently my jam.  these paintings are so faceted and electric that it will melt your brain.

seattle art museum has a permanent exhibit featuring african art, which includes yinka shonibare, gloria petyarre, al anatsui, among others.  what a great exhibit and what a great museum! if you haven't been and you live in the pacific nw, i highly recommend a road trip.  

Body Design

Bush Medicine

Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming



one of my favorite portland artists, storm tharp. if you ever get a chance to see the quiet complexity and captivating work of this man, please go for it. his work is so killer.
Spring Picture (Yukata & Peonies)
Spring Picture (Advanced Arrangement)

Spring Picture (Slump with Black Stripe)
Eau de Toilette

Fireplace Road